Here we are again.

June 2022

Or so I hope.

May 2022

On a walk around Jalan Besar with New World's End

January 2022

First of all, I’ll try to keep this short. Partly because I don’t have much to say, partly because I should maybe start learning to use fewer words…

June 2021

So I'm looking for jobs, ish. And the stress of doing case studies, website and presentation slides got to me and my head wanted to explode. A friend…

December 2020

Aight, 2020. Here we go. Warning: This is for some reason really lengthy (and rant-y) so again, you can skip to the Bullet Lists, for, well, bullet…

December 2019

2019 didn't feel like a particularly eventful year until I started listing down the monthly highlights. There weren't any high highs, or any low lows…

April 2019

A book must be the axe for the frozen sea inside us.– Kafka There's no better place of refuge than in the written words. I doubt I'll ever make enough…

January 2018

On acknowledging.